The fight for Justice: The call for Action – a roadmap for the promotion and delivery of equality in Local Government

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The horrific recent killing of George Floyd has sparked a call to action across the world to stop racism in all its forms. LLG share this narrative and welcomes Sharon Sayles Belton, lauded civil rights campaigner, first African American & first female mayor of Minneapolis (the epicentre of the George Floyd movement) to lead the conversation. Sharon speaks from the heart about her personal journey and the compounding of tragic and inexcusable events that led to the current constitutional crisis. This session will explore how we can effect change in our local authorities, with a particular focus on justice outcomes, education and opportunity, progression to the top table, and health inequality of outcomes with Covid-19. LLG Board members Suki Binjal, Rachel McKoy and Shamsher Zada will look at how we can all show leadership in our communities and our councils to build a better future with equal opportunity for all. Black lives matter, so join us to find out what you can do about it.

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