PODCAST - The LLG Grapevine - Week 10

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Talking Law in Local Government

A chatty discussion this week featuring Deborah Evans (CEO), Dennis Hall (Bulletin Editor) and guest speaker Helen Lynch (Durham County Council), looking back over the last edition of the bulletin highlighting points of interest, pulling in government policy and national news to give you a quick round-up of topical developments.

This weeks podcast focuses on leadership in times of crisis, new rules on hybrid meetings and internal and external gatherings (whether it be a council meeting or a wedding); advice for managing data protection with contact track and trace schemes, whilst Dennis does a bit of crystal ball gazing as to how different legal practice areas may fare post Covid. With our ongoing focus on equality, Helen Lynch will give some thought as to whether now is the right time to consider undertaking equality impact assessments within your local authority, and Dennis will cast an eye over the many and various legal challenges faced by the government in its handling of the pandemic.

Recorded 13th July 2020

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