LLG Competence Framework

Available to: Everyone

Date of recording: 8th April, 2016
Running time: 15 minutes

Speaker: Helen McGrath, LLG Policy & Communications Manager

From the 1st November 2016, the SRA's new mandatory approach to CPD will be introduced. Rather than undertaking a minimum number of hours training each year, the new regime requires solicitors to "reflect on the quality of their practice and address any identified learning and development needs" to enable them to reach a "competency standard" relevant to their areas of practice.

To assist local authority solicitors, the Lawyers in Local Government group (LLG) has produced a new competency framework to enable local authority solicitors to comply with the new requirements and in this webinar, Helen McGrath, Development Officer for LLG, outlines the main features of the framework and explains how it will work with the new CPD rules.


  • The new CPD regime – key features
  • Statement of Competence
    • Statement of Solicitor Competence
    • Statement of Legal Knowledge
    • Threshold Standard
  • The SRA's Competence Statement - definitions
    • Ethics, professionalism and judgement
    • Technical legal practice
    • Working with other people
    • Managing yourself and your own work
  • LLG's additional section
    • Comprehensive knowledge of Local Government Law and Practice
  • How this will work in practice
  • Practical tips for complying with the new regime
  • LLG and LLG Legal Training Services
  • The LLG Development Plan
  • The LLG Development Record
  • Making the 'Declaration for Solicitors'

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