LLG Brief: The Cap on Exit Payments: Practical Implications and Issues

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The newly introduced exit cap on exit payments such as redundancy has sandwiched local authorities between a rock and a hard place, with the regulations in direct conflict with the requirements of the statutory pension scheme.

Sarah Lamont from Bevan Brittan explains what the regulations mean for local authority employees as members of the pension scheme. She will look at the recent advice from the scheme advisory board, and discuss the ongoing consultation on reforming exit payments within the pension scheme. How should local authorities in the midst of voluntary redundancies respond? How will packages be impacted by the exit cap? Is there recourse to an employment tribunal or a civil court for the balance, and if so, how do local authorities manage the risk?

LLG will explain the next steps in the judicial review process, and what we are looking to achieve. The exit cap regulations have far-reaching impact and we urge you to join the webinar to discover what it means for you, your colleagues and your authority.

Recorded 11th November 2020

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