Governance and the Localism Act

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Date of recording: 29th June, 2016
Running time: 29 minutes

Speakers: Damien Welfare and Matt Hutchings, Cornerstones Barristers

This webinar looks at key elements of the Localism Act 2011 as they affect and reform the governance of local authorities, including the General Power of Competence, the Standards Regime, community empowerment, elected mayors and assets of community value.


General Power of Competence

  • Limitations and restrictions
  • Other features
  • Boundaries: s 2
    • Pre-commencement power
    • Pre-commencement limitation
    • Post-commencement limitation
  • Charging and trading under the GPC
  • Cases and examples

The Standards Regime

  • History
  • Main features
  • Register of interests
  • Interests and participating in meeting
  • Offences
  • Examples

Community Empowerment

  • Duty to consider
  • Rejection and acceptance

Assets of community value

  • Exceptions and listing
  • Moratorium

Summary of other changes under the Act

  • Changing to elected Mayor

Changing to Mayor by referendum

  • Changing to Mayor by referendum – petition
  • Restriction on moving from Mayor
  • Section 9N power

Referendums on council tax - partial capping

  • Duty to determine whether council tax excessive
  • Council tax referendum
  • Disapplication of referendum
  • Bias and predetermination
  • Other types of decision-making
  • Predetermination
  • Pay accountability

Recorded at the BDT Legal Legal Governance for Local Authorities Seminar at Barking Town Hall

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