Flourishing Through Transformation

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Thanks to Covid-19, many of us have been or are experiencing a period of rapid technology change, most often with the tools we use for communication. IT departments across the country have been rapidly rolling out Windows upgrades, Office 365, and new hardware. As end users, the rapid pace of change is difficult, especially when removed from the office. So, this week we are joined by two individuals with experience of working with organisations as they go through a digital transformation. The aim of the webinar is to help us recognise the challenges, understand how to overcome them, and help us embrace the opportunities so we can thrive and not just survive this time of digital change.

Sam McGinty, Head of Legal at Loughborough University and Lance Thompson from Iken as they share experiences of digital transformation, their top tips for recognising and overcoming the challenges of implementing and adopting new technology whilst maximising the opportunities that arise.

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