COVID-19 Weekly Brief - Week 7 - Government Recovery Strategy

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Recorded 20th May 2020

This essential Covid -19 brief draws on the extensive skills and experience of Olwen Brown (Anthony Collins), Quentin Baker (LLG President), Suki Binjal (Past President) and Stephen Turner (Kingston upon Hull City Council), focusing on the proposals within the Government's 50 page recovery plan and its implications on local authorities. The webinar will have a particular emphasis on:

  • Funding: the financial crisis facing local authorities, how local authorities can rejuvenate the high street and the local economy as businesses open back up, housing, regeneration projects and investment returns.
  • Local responses: how the differing 'R' rate may see local authorities taking different approaches to easing lockdown.
  • Transport: social distancing and the impact on public transport as the country goes back to work.
  • Social care: in particular the responsibilities on local authorities with respect to care homes.
  • Education: balancing the phased return to school on 1st June with the requirement to keep children safe in education.
  • The workplace: reopening the council offices and how to keep staff safe at work.
  • Governance: the Secretary of State's powers under the Local Government Act 1999.

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