COVID-19 Weekly Brief - Week 10 - Challenges and Complaints with the LGSCO

Available to: Everyone

Recorded 10th June 2020

All you need to know about the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman's approach to tackling current and future complaints resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. What approach will the ombudsman take with regards to standards & thresholds in an environment where the guidance is constantly shifting? How will the pressure on resources in a local authority inform decision making? What are the basics of good administrative practice expected of a local authority even in a crisis? What approach will the ombudsman takes if a local authority chooses to depart from government guidance? How can themes and learning be extracted from this experience locally and nationally to inform future local policy? Mick King will answer these questions, and many more, including those posed by you live during the webinar. Essential viewing to inform complaints handling within your local authority.

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Challenges and Complaints with the LGSCO - Supporting Slides

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