CEO Brief: Smart Cities - October 2019

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A local authority is often at the sharp end of innovation. As a local authority lawyer, you may be aware of the Smart City concept, but might not fully understand what it means. LLG's October 2019 CEO Brief explores the basics of how better data sharing could enable your local authority to start working towards being a smart council. Michael Mousdale from Browne Jacobson explains how joining up the jigsaw of data held about citizens and their households can enable maps to be built that deliver a picture of your area. Maps can highlight where interventions are needed and demonstrate the impact that place (home, school, the demographics of an area) and service delivery (education, care, benefits) can have on the lives of citizens. Importantly, the webinar looks at problem solving to enhance the quality of life in your community.

So whether you work in children's services, planning, adult social care, regeneration, information management or any of the myriad areas occupied by local government lawyers, the data that you generate, use and collect on a daily basis will be part of a bigger picture. How does the law fit around such data sharing? Watch the latest LLG webinar and be inspired to build better lives.

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