CEO Brief: Climate Change and Local Authorities - July 2019

Available to: Everyone

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face worldwide, nationally and in our local communities, impacting both the environment and public health. So what are local authorities doing to lessen their impact on the environment? What strategies are they employing to tackle the risks presented by climate change? Lawyers will be familiar with environmental law and the legal framework surrounding climate change, but this webinar will take it further - looking at options currently debated by local authorities and other organisations particularly with respect to carbon emissions, consider innovative approaches, and encourage you to ask the right questions of your authority to focus their minds and start planning to positively shape the future. Tanya Corsie, CEO of iken and a huge fan of agile strategic planning and an expert at thinking outside the box, will join Deborah Evans for a lively debate as to how you can positively shape your future in your locality.

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