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Trustees for Local Government Legal Society

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Travel and subsistence expenses are remunerated if the Board meet in person.

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To all Local Government Solicitors

As you may be aware, the Local Government Legal Society Trust Ltd, provides sponsorship and grants towards the fees of solicitors and trainees undertaking training courses to enhance their skills and broaden their experiences relevant to an applicant's local government work.

The Trust Board is normally made up of solicitors who currently work in local government or have recently retired having worked in local government for many years.

The Trust are seeking new Trustees to replace current trustees who are due to retire from the Board.

We only meet up about three times a year, and those meeting can be held in person or electronically e.g. video conferencing. Between meetings most of our duties are carried out via email correspondence and/or telephone for example when we receive an application for financial support. Travel and subsistence expenses are remunerated if the Board meet in person. More details of our work are set out in the attached Annual reports for 2018 and 2019.

The person we are looking for should be a solicitor currently employed in local government, who has been so employed for at least the last 5 years, or a person who has retired very recently having worked as a solicitor in local government for a number of years who remains on the Roll of Solicitors.

We simply ask that an applicant tell us about him or her self; provide a chronology of his or her local government experience; set out what contribution he or she consider they can make to the Trust and finally anything that he or she feel may be of interest to the trustees. You don't have to be a member of LLG to apply, but if you are a member then a short explanation of your involvement with LLG would be helpful.

If you wish to apply, then email your information to the email address below by Friday 22nd January 2021.


John Bremers (Company Secretary)


The Local Government Legal Society Trust Limited

Company No: 08676003

Registered Office: Meadow View, Lewth Lane, Woodplumpton, Preston, PR4 0TE

Directors: Paul Thomas; Felicity Hildred; John Bremers (Company Secretary);

Dennis Hall; Beverley Cullen; Tim Briton