LLG Announce Sweeping Governance Changes and Appointment of Interim Chief Executive.

Publish date: 28/07/2017

LLG's President sets out the recommendations from the Governance Review and next steps in the process including the appointment of an interim Chief Executive Officer.

Following my Presidential election in 2016, one of my core themes during my term of office was to ensure the openness and transparency of governance arrangements within LLG. The objective was to take stock and review the governance structure of LLG to ensure it was fit for purpose, modern facing and designed to enable the effective representation of lawyers in local government. To achieve that end, the Board appointed a Working Group chaired by me to review the governance arrangements. This took place in September 2016. On the 4th January 2017, following a number of recommendations from the Working Group and an open competitive procurement process, the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) led by Jacqui McKinlay was appointed to undertake a formal Governance Review.

The CfPS undertook extensive research upon which to base their recommendations, gathering an array of evidence from the following sources;

  1. To replace the executive board and full board with a single, smaller board with responsibility for overseeing the strategic direction of the organisation and implementation of a delivery plan.
  2. A Branch group and SAA group should be established.
  3. That a Governance Review Implementation Working Group be established to take forward the proposals from the governance review.
  4. The appointment of an Interim Chief Executive Officer to drive through the changes and focus strategic direction, membership involvement, national influence and leadership.

The timeline for implementation and next steps include prioritisation of the appointment of an interim chief executive officer within the next few months followed by a focus on strategy/priorities/planning with a view to agreeing a new annual delivery plan in February 2018/19. It will also see the development of further member involvement, a national influencing role for LLG and strengthened leadership approach. Further mechanisms for the strategy and delivery plan include working groups and/or subcommittees which will follow in April 2018 together with a review of the election process for Directors and Office Holders.

This is a period of profound change for LLG who wish to build on the excellent progress made over the past year in raising its profile and demonstrating increased national presence. LLG are determined to adapt to ensure the provision of valued services to the membership continue and a strong and coherent representation of lawyers in local government is maintained and extended. It has been my privilege to oversee such an important piece of work and indeed be asked to extend my term of office to conclude the review. It now falls to the next President, Suki Binjal to oversee the implementation when her term of office commences in October.

LLG would like to express its sincere thanks to the membership, Corporate Partners and key stakeholders who took the time to provide feedback, completed the survey and attend face to face interviews.

Doreen Forrester-Brown

LLG President 2016-2017