Lincolnshire County Council's Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Publish date: 19/11/2021

Madeleine Martin, Senior Talent and Resourcing Advisor at Lincolnshire County Council reflects on LCC's Recruitment and Retention strategy and their recruitment of two bespoke Childcare Trainee Solicitors in August 2020. 

As part of our Recruitment and Retention strategy, we have been applying different methods in trying to recruit lawyers to local government. There are challenges in recruiting to local government even though it is a highly challenging and rewarding career choice with many benefits not offered in the private sector.

In order to address the national shortage of child protection lawyers, we recruited two bespoke Childcare Trainee Solicitors in August 2020. They have successfully spent time in non-contentious seats within the practice and have now returned to the Childcare team and are effectively operating as newly qualified lawyers.

Charley Nelson, one of the successful Trainee Solicitors appointed in 2020 says "My favourite part of this role is the fact that no day is ever the same. The child law team is welcoming, social and extremely supportive, everyone is happy to help each other wherever possible which is vital in this busy department! I have become much more confident in all aspects of my career including managing my own cases, making autonomous decisions, developing my advocacy, building client relationships and generally LCC have given me lots of opportunities to improve my knowledge and skill set."

Brittany Davies who also joined the team in 2020 adds "Since starting at LCC I have not been disappointed. It was the best decision for me personally as well as for my career. I have learnt so much in the last 15 months of being at LCC and I can't wait to see what my future at LCC holds."

The success of that recruitment has led us to seek a further bespoke Childcare Trainee to continue on our previous successful recruitment.

We have a career progressions scheme which enables our trainees to progress on qualification and this is part of the reason why we have been able to retain the trainees who have trained with Legal Services. We hope to be able to retain the trainees within the practice and particularly within the Childcare team.

Local Government is a rewarding career option and there are many benefits to working in the sector. Lincolnshire itself is also a wonderful location and we hope that this recruitment exercise will be successful.

Madeleine Martin

Senior Talent and Resourcing Advisor, Lincolnshire County Council