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18th April 2019

Publish date: 18/04/2019

Last Friday the LLG Board met to determine its strategy for the next 3-5 years in order to ensure the organisation meets the demands of its membership needs and promotes lawyers in local government both regionally and nationally through targeted campaigns and stakeholder collaboration. Once finalised, we will be sharing with you our plans for the short and medium term, many of which will provide engagement opportunities for you to get involved - so watch this space!

With the parliamentary recess for Easter now in full swing until the 23rd April and the Brexit deadline extended until the 31st October, many commentators are enjoying a little breathing space before it all starts up again. However, in local government, preparations are under way for the European elections on 23rd May despite the fact they might not proceed. Indeed, whilst the government's position is that the UK will leave the EU with a deal before the elections, it should be noted that if we fail to take part in the European Elections then the UK must leave the EU on 1st June.

The Rt Hon David Lidington CBE MP wrote to Bob Posner, CEO at the Electoral Commission on the 1st April stating "it is important that Returning Officers and electoral administrators should be able to plan effectively to deliver national polls which are well-run and fair, and seen to be so". Whilst we know the government has stated it will provide funding for contingency preparations the letter also stated; "thought should be given to what actions are strictly necessary ahead of the start of an election timetable and what can be undertaken on a contingency basis given that circumstances may continue to change". Some discretion is therefore required on how far along the process to go and what to undertake at each step along the timetable. For further information and guidance on the European Elections the Electoral Commission website can be accessed here.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a lovely Easter break.

Best Wishes

Helen McGrath

Head of Public Affairs