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20 September 2019

Publish date: 20/09/2019

One of LLG's main campaigns, and indeed its ethos and vision is to raise the status of lawyers in local government and monitoring officers. So committed are we to this aim that it permeates every decision we take, every work stream, consultation, training provision and membership benefit we produce.

It is with a heavy heart that we continue to see examples of poor behaviour and bad practice which undermines and diminishes the role of the monitoring officer and lawyer in local government practice. Whilst in the minority, even one incident ripples through the profession and undermines the very core of open, ethical and accountable governance. We hear frequent examples of inflammatory, bullish language and behaviours. The recent example in Birmingham saw our professional role diminished, undervalued, misunderstood and published in the press. Despite the swift redress of a public apology following events, the consequential impact, the subtle effect upon the consciousness of our colleagues, members and clients remains an immeasurable cause for concern.

In order to support our members, I pledged at the AGM to provide support services to ensure that you are not alone during difficult times. That you will have access to services to ensure you do not suffer in silence during moments of conflict, pressure and tension. LLG is working hard to establish this offering which will launch with the implementation of our new website next year. In the meanwhile, the Governance Conference in October provides an excellent safe space to discuss with your peers the issues you are facing as well as hearing from specialist providers on best practice and updates. To book click here.

LLG continues to champion the Golden Triangle, to unify the chief officers in leadership. We are working alongside the Ministry, LGA, Ombudsman and Committee on Standards in Public Life to influence and shape a reformed code of conduct. We are responding to select committees and consultations to shape policy and legislation together with work on Brexit. We are lobbying the Law Society to retain two council seats and are forging strong and numerous links with the press to get our message out there.

Best wishes

Phillip Horsfield