Special Activity Areas

Each SAA has a lead officer with the Junior Professional SAA having two posts. Details of the lead officers can be seen on the individual SAA pages.

Members of LLG can become part of the SAA's by using the drop down menu on the left and clicking on the 'join' button. By joining an SAA members will receive updates, news and alerts about relevant forum discussion topics.

Please contact the lead officers with any specific questions you have, ideas for information sharing or events that we can look to hold to assist with the dissemination of information and good practice.

We're lucky in LLG to have so much talent working at all levels in local government, and to benefit colleagues across the country and to grow LLG's standing and profile nationally, these SAA webpages and the forum are useful for sharing knowledge and experience in articles, practice notes and other media.

The SAA's are listed in the drop down menu to the left.