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20 April 2018

Publish date: 20/04/2018

Engaging with stakeholders and contributing at national level is something LLG have been working hard on over the last two years to re-establish. A recent example, and one we would very much like to receive your input with, is in the area of fraud and corruption. The Local Government Association have coordinated the establishment of a Fighting Fraud and Corruption – Locally (FFCL) board to build cross sector collaborative delivery with the aim of ensuring linkage between central government, local government, private sector and charity sector initiatives. Very much in it's infancy, the board is seeking engagement to give direction on the delivery of the FFCL strategic recommendations and aims to engage with stakeholders to develop local government counter fraud activities and identify gaps; together with reviewing the current strategy in order to develop guidance for local government's counter fraud response post 2016.

LLG are represented on the FFCL via it's president Suki Binjal but it is vital we have input from our membership so we are better able to contribute as a national voice. We are seeking interest from Directors/Heads of Law, Senior Managers and Monitoring Officers/Deputies to join a virtual working group to input on the strategic direction and work programmes (including guidance) of the FFCL. If this is something you are interested in please contact me at Helen@lawingov.org.uk

In respect of our new permanent Chief Executive Officer position we have now closed the applications and are delighted with the overwhelming response. Interviews are scheduled shortly and we should be in position to announce the new appointee in early May. LLG have worked hard to reshape and reform itself and this appointment will revolutionise your organisation and provide more resources to focus and support you, the membership. Exciting times ahead!

Have a lovely weekend

Helen McGrath

LLG Policy & Communications Manager