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18th May 2018 - Blog by new CEO, Deborah Evans

Publish date: 18/05/2018

LLG has existed for a number of years now, but for me as the new CEO it is very much day one. I join a membership organisation looking to constantly improve its offering to members, and its new focus on leadership and governance will enable it to be more strategic, to become more influential through strengthening its voice, whilst continuing to support the role of the local government lawyer, day in, day out.

As members, everyone of you through your daily contribution has a meaningful impact on the lives of those within our local communities. Your job is not easy, and not without its stresses and strains, but it is a hugely important one that deserves to be championed. We aim to inspire the next generation of lawyers to be inquisitive, determined and thoughtful in their work. I was attracted to LLG precisely because of its strong ethics and its values.

As an experienced Chief executive, I bring to the table a lot of ideas, but first seek to understand the challenges you the members face, with a view to helping you solve the issues that we will undoubtedly come our way - whether it be Brexit, increasing financial constraints, digitisation of the court system, or battling fraudulent claims.

Of particular importance to me is to ensure the voice of LLG is heard loud and clear so that we actively influence debate and policy formation. The significant amount of knowledge, expertise and experience within the membership of LLG should not be under estimated. Local views will always differ and should be respected - one size does not fit all - and it is the job of LLG to ensure that we have representatives around the top table in every discussion of relevance to our members.

The appointment of a CEO is another milestone that should help LLG better reach its goals. We want to redefine membership services and set the benchmark for service and value. As a member, if that sounds intriguing, you should get in touch!

Deborah Evans

LLG Chief Executive Officer