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20 October 2017

Publish date: 20/10/2017

This week saw the much anticipated LLG Annual Governance Conference produced by LLG Legal Training and hosted in the historical City of Bath within the Assembly Rooms. The City of Bath became a World Heritage Site 30 years ago having been recognised as a 'cultural site' with outstanding universal value and cultural significance. If you have never visited, I would highly recommend it.

The conference was opened by the LLG President, Suki Binjal and followed by Dr Jonathan Carr-West from the LGiU who examined local government and post institutional politics. Examining trends such as objective facts being less influential in shaping public opinion than how political statements resonate with individual's emotions and personal beliefs; he firmly believed that rebuilding the 'trust deficit' must begin at the local level. The proximity of the public to local government presented a positive opportunity he argued to redevelop trust through participation, openness and networks.

The two-day conference was packed with an array of plenary's and breakout sessions covering everything from income generation, governance and leadership to GDPR, investments and elections (with much more besides). The exhibition was well supported by an array of legal practitioners and providers together with the LLG membership. LLG expresses its thanks to all concerned for their continuing support of the conference and for making it such a vibrant and informative event.

Best wishes

Helen McGrath

Policy & Communications Manager